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Ever fantasized about how Katy Perry must have felt in that California Girls film clip, surrounded by dancing Gummy bears and cotton candy clouds, not to mention Snoop Dog Lion as a candy king in a cupcake blazer? Well Urbanites, day dream no more, we’ve found the best sugar-coated hit for the next time you’re feeling down. Candylicious has opened 4 stores with its latest store in World Square and the selection of candy and Chocolate is one that would make Mr. Willy Wonker himself drool.

Owner, Natalie Habib, is an adorable lover of all things sweet and as a candy connoisseur, she’s travelled the world hunting down the best quality candy, she’s done a gosh darned good job of it! Fill your bag with Belgium chocolate bullets, sweet and sour candy from Spain, gummies and licorice from Amsterdam, and rocky road made by Natalie herself with Callebaut Belgian chocolate. Not good enough for all you sweet tooth’s out there?

East Esplanade, Manly Wharf
Manly NSW 2095